Ben Latz

Ben Latz

Finance ➙ Software

Co-Founder and Product Lead


We're building data and technology foundation for digital assets, mainly alternative data APIs and cross-exchange trading technology. I'm focused on product design and development.


Wingman Tracker

A web application that helps stock, options, and futures traders track and analyze their positions and performance. A micro-SaaS side business and enjoyable source of learning.

— Previously —

Product & Research

The Small Exchange (tastytrade)

One of the first employees to help start a new futures exchange for retail traders. Worked on CFTC Application and designed the index and futures products, among other generalist work. Left to work on Wingman Tracker full-time.

Research Intern


An online financial network teaching individuals how to trade options. Produced over 50 research pieces from 2016-2017. Joined full-time after graduating to work on The Small Exchange.


Carnegie Mellon University '18

I studied Finance in the business school, but gravitated towards technology, which helped start my path of building software.